The BBPOS Chipper Mini 2 device is nearing end-of-life for use with the CardPointe Mobile application and the CardConnect Mobile SDKs. This device is being replaced by the ID TECH VP3300 mobile payment reader.

After January 1, 2020, you will no longer be able to order the Chipper Mini 2. You can continue to use your existing BBPOS devices after this date, however, only the VP3300 will be available for new or replacement device orders.

Migrating to the ID TECH VP3300

The VP3300 introduces support for EMV (chip) cards and support for contactless (NFC) payments is coming soon.

See the VP3300 Integration Guide for more information on the VP3300.

The following table describes the differences between the Chipper Mini 2 and VP3300:

FeatureChipper Mini 2VP3300
ConnectivityAuxBluetooth 4.0 (BLE)
Payment TypesSwipe (MSR)
  • Swipe (MSR)
  • Chip (EMV)
  • Contactless (NFC)*
*Support for NFC is coming soon.
Supported Applications
  • CardPointe Mobile
  • CardConnect Android SDK
  • CardConnect iOS SDK
  • CardPointe Mobile*
  • CardConnect Android SDK*
  • CardConnect iOS SDK*
*Upgrade required - See below for details.

CardPointe Mobile Users

The CardPointe Mobile application will continue to support the BBPOS Chipper Mini 2; however, the new version of CardPointe Mobile only supports EMV (chip) card transactions using the ID TECH VP3300 device.

A new version of the CardPointe Mobile app is coming soon.

If you need to order new devices, you will no longer be able to order a BBPOS Chipper Mini 2; Only the ID TECH VP3300 will be available for new or replacement device orders.

Mobile SDK Users

New versions of the CardConnect Mobile SDKs are available that add support for both the BBPOS Chipper Mini 2 and the ID TECH VP3300. To add support for the VP3300 and EMV payments to your mobile application, you'll need to download and integrate the updated SDK.

See the following Developer Guides for more information on the new SDKs:

To request a VP3300 test device, reach out to isvintegrations@cardconnect.com.