Your merchant’s new home.

Our cloud-based platform makes accepting and managing payments as simple and secure as ever. As a home base for your merchants, the CardPointe platform comes complimentary with a virtual terminal, a P2PE terminal, a mobile app (and device) and a hosted payment page. Merchants can do it all from CardPointe - authorize, capture and refund transactions (from their desktop or mobile device), view lifecycle reports in real-time, seamlessly manage multiple merchant accounts and/or locations, and manage PCI compliance status. Do it all, from one system.


  • CardPointe Desktop App
    • Processing payments and managing a merchant account doesn’t get any simpler than this
  • CardPointe Mobile
    • Accept & manage payments right from a mobile device
  • CardPointe Hosted Payment Page
    • Capture online payment information with our customizable hosted payment page
  • CardPointe Terminal
    • The plug-and-play device that features PCI-certified point-to point encryption and patented tokenization.


    Unbeatable Security (EMV + tokenization + P2PE)

    • Every transaction processed via the CardPointe platform is protected by CardSecure, our multi-layered security offering that features the combined power of patented tokenization and PCI-Certified point-to-point encryption. CardSecure defends cardholder data at the point of interaction (swipe, dip, key entry) by replacing sensitive information with irreversible tokens while simultaneously encrypting the cardholder data and storing it in an off-site PCI-validated vault. The result? Merchants never process, transmit or store unsecured card data on their systems.

    Patented Tokenization

    • Irreversible: Tokens are randomly generated and impossible to decrypt
    • Intelligent: Compliant with data integrity checks, including the Luhn test, while maintaining BIN recognition and last four
    • Persistent: Can be used for recurring charges
    • Merchant Specific: Unique to each merchant’s organization

    PCI-Certified P2PE

    • Card-Present + Card-Not-Present: The most effective way to secure cardholder data for swiped, dipped and keyed transactions
    • Maximum PCI Scope Reduction: Reduces a merchant’s SAQ to 26 questions, with the potential to eliminate the SAQ completely
    • Malware Defense: Stops would-be attackers from spreading malicious software across a network of terminals

    Low Rates

    • The CardConnect Gateway automatically passes Level 2 and Level 3 data, ensuring merchants receive the lowest possible rate for every transaction.

    Real-Time Reporting

    • CardPointe gives users the power to manage processed payments and view full transaction lifecycle reports in real-time. Effortlessly void, capture and refund - from a desktop, tablet or smartphone. Full transaction lifecycle reports include but aren’t limited to:
      • Gateway batches
      • Funding events
      • Chargebacks
      • Statement archives

    Recurring Billing

    CardPointe users can quickly create recurring billing plans for their customers. Billing plans are ideal for subscription-based services, such as fitness club memberships and mobile phone plans, as well as for recurring payment plans, such as auto loans and hospital bills. Merchants can set up billing plans for the following payment intervals:

    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • Yearly
    • Later next day funding

    PCI Compliance Manager

    • Trustwave Single Sign On
      • Now merchants have one less username and password to remember! CardPointe’s direct avenue to a merchant’s Trustwave account makes it simple

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