The CardPointe Terminal is CardConnect's plug-and-play terminal device that features PCI-certified point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and patented tokenization. The CardPointe Terminal is the only way to truly protect in-store transactions; all sensitive data is instantly encrypted upon swipe, dip, or tap, ensuring that sensitive data never touches a merchant's systems.


The CardPointe Terminal provides numerous benefits, including:

  • The ability to accept all card-present payment methods, including swiped (MSR), dipped (EMV), tapped (NFC), and manually-entered payment cards.
  • P2PE security for every transaction. During a transaction, the CardPointe Terminal transmits a single-use tokenized code to validate the card and its cardholder. This code changes with every transaction, and once it has been used it is no longer valid, thereby preventing counterfeiting and skimming.
  • Seamless integration with CardPointe, providing you the power to manage processed payments and view full transaction lifecycle reports in real-time from your desktop or mobile device.
  • Tip adjust and server ID features with the Restaurant Application, perfect for restaurants, delis, spas and more.
  • Interchange optimization automates lower rates for eligible Level 2 and 3 transactions. 

CardPointe Integration

The CardPointe Terminal is directly integrated with CardPointe. This means that all terminal transactions appear in CardPointe in real-time, allowing you to create customer profiles from those payments, or issue voids and refunds - all without using or being near the terminal. 

Real-time Transaction Management

  • Manage processed payments - Capture, void, and refund payments from a desktop or mobile device
  • View full transaction lifecycle reports
  • Create customer profiles

CardPointe Virtual Terminal

  • Transform an ordinary computer into a robust terminal - seamlessly accept credit cards and eChecks over the phone or from a variety of integrated device options
  • The recurring billing feature makes it easy to set up and manage customer billing plans.

What's New?

Contactless (NFC) Payments

The CardPointe Terminal now supports contactless (NFC) payments, enabling you to accept contactless EMV (chip) cards and mobile wallets.

To enable support for NFC on a current CardPointe Terminal, you must update the terminal software. See Updating the CardPointe Terminal for more information.

NFC is available for merchants boarded to the following processors:

  • First Data Rapid Connect
  • First Data North
  • TSYS

Automatic Terminal Updates

The CardPointe Terminal now supports automatic updates to ensure that your terminals always have the latest features and fixes. 

Software updates are deployed automatically by CardConnect. The CardPointe Terminal checks for an update every 30 days during the upgrade timeframe (3:00 AM EDT - 5:00 AM EDT), or in the event that CardConnect deploys an important update. If your business requires a different upgrade timeframe, contact CardPointe Support

To enable support for automatic updates on a current CardPointe Terminal, you must update the terminal software. See Updating the CardPointe Terminal for more information.

Enhanced Security

This release of the CardPointe Terminal includes enhanced encryption to further protect your customers' cardholder data. 

Ordering a CardPointe Terminal

To order a CardPointe Terminal device, reach out to your Agent or visit the CardPointe Shop

You can also order a CardPointe Terminal from the CardPointe web application on the "My Account" screen.

Use of the CardPointe Terminal requires a merchant account with CardConnect.

Updating The CardPointe Terminal 

To enable support for contactless (NFC) payments and automatic updates, you must do the following to configure and update your terminal:

  1. On the CardPointe home screen press # to access the Admin Menu.
  2. On the Admin menu, press 4 to select Maintenance.
  3. On the Maintenance menu, press 1 to select Download.
  4. On the Download menu, press 1 to select Setup.
  5. On the TMS Access Menu, press the green button to select IP/Eth.
  6. On the SSL - PKIV3 Menu, press the green button to select No.
  7. On the IP Address menu, press the green button to select IP Address.
  8. On the IP Address - PKIV3 screen, press the yellow key once to clear the current value.
  9. Using the number pad, enter and press the green button to confirm.

    Note: that you must enter this exact value correctly, including the decimal points. This is the IP address that the terminal will use to download updates.
  10. On the Port - PKIV3 screen, press the green button to retail the default value.
  11. On the TMS Identifier screen, press the green button to retain the default value.
  12. On the Protect download screen, press the green button to retain the default value.
  13. On the PRINT PARAM. RECEIPT? screen, press the red button.
  14. On the Download menu, press 2 to select Start Download.

    The terminal will download and install the update, displaying several messages during the process.

    When the terminal reboots and returns to the CardPointe home screen, it is ready for use.

Terminal Configuration Options

The CardPointe Terminal supports a variety of optional features. The following table describes the configurable options and their default settings.

Access the Settings menu on the terminal to change the Auto Batch Close time.

Reach out to your CardConnect representative or contact CardPointe Support if you want to change any of these settings for your business. 

Configuration Option Default SettingDescription
Last 4 Verification (Swipe) OffWhen enabled, the terminal prompts you to enter the last 4 digits of the card number when processing a swipe (MSR) transaction.
Receipt (Customer Copy) Prompt Enabled for all transactionsWhen enabled, the terminal prompts you to select whether or not to print a receipt copy for the customer.
Pass Terminal PromptOffAllows you to pass the terminal to the cardholder for input (for example, to confirm a sale amount and tap an NFC payment card or device).

When enabled, you enter a sale amount, and the terminal prompts you to pass the terminal to the customer. The customer must then press the green enter button to accept the sale amount, and is then prompted to swipe/ insert, or tap the payment card. The customer is then prompted to pass the terminal back to you.
AVS Verification Enabled for keyed transactionsEnables cardholder address verification (AVS).

When enabled, the terminal prompts for the cardholder's zip code. 
CVV Verification Enabled for keyed transactionsEnables Card Verification Value (CVV) verification.

When enabled, the terminal prompts for the CVV number found on the back of the card.
PO Prompt OffWhen enabled, the terminal prompts you to enter a purchase order (P.O) number.
Invoice Prompt OffWhen enabled, the terminal prompts you to enter an invoice number.
Auto Batch Close Set for 9:50 PM Eastern TimeThe time at which the terminal's daily batches will close for settlement.

For all other configuration changes, please contact support.

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