Instore is a point-of-sale platform, helping sell, close, implement, and support merchants. Starting with the POS, the Instore platform includes labor management, customer rewards, online ordering, customer database, marketing, gift cards, reporting, barcode scanning, and more. Instore can be configured for restaurant and retail use. Merchants save time and money by managing operations on Instore while growing sales.

Instore gives merchants the ability to:

  • Improve order-taking with our highly intuitive design
  • Increase sales with mobile tablets for servers
  • Accept online orders from multiple providers on a single tablet
  • Inspire more repeat visits with Customer Rewards, personalized receipts, and integrated gift cards
  • Build a customer database for marketing and customer service with no extra effort
  • Accept and record any payment type
  • Handle tips, bills, refunds, voids, hold orders, and tax

Compatible Platforms

Instore is compatible with any iPad with a Lightning Port (Air or higher), including Minis and Pros. Instore does not work on Android devices. Our Office web portal is accessible from any web-enabled device.

Benefits & Features

No-fee gift cardCreate, sell and accept customized gift cards
Migrate existing gift card programs to Instore
Customer rewards Track customers by credit card or issue a loyalty card
Build a world-class customer database
Migrate existing loyalty programs to Instore
Inventory managementTrack unit level sales
Run checks and receive new inventory on your Instore tablet 
Track item costs and gross profit
Integrate bar code scanners
Business IntelligenceTrack performance 10 different ways
View reports on any device
Export reports for easy import into any accounting program
Protect dataOptimize permissions for users
Credit cards are processed through Instore with its PCI-compliant partner, Magtek
Manage employeesLocation- and employee-level permissions to make any owner happy
Track employee hours, sales, tips, and pay
Simplify payroll while confirming shifts
Flexible paymentsHandle payments with any method
Use Cash Discount to pass on processing fees to customers
Add tips at time of sale or later when closing the store
Withhold a fixed % from tips to cover processing fees
Take any order and split by item or amount
Refunds and voidsTrack reasons for canceled orders and secure payments with PIN-only access
Line item refunds
Hold now, pay laterHold orders for open tabs, delivery, catering, deposits and more
Accept partial payments, save orders and print receipts
Tax Create tax-free items or items with special taxes
Separate tax rates for reporting

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