The Woo Commerce CardConnect Payment Gateway allows you to accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover payments from your WordPress Woo Commerce store. CardConnect payment processing tokenizes the sensitive data, safeguarding your customers from a data breach while simultaneously removing the burden of PCI compliance.  

CardConnect also allows customers to checkout with a saved card. Card details are saved on CardConnect servers and not on your site.

Pre-requisites for Woo Commerce

To use this plugin, you must have the following software and accounts:

  • WordPress 3.5 or greater
  • Woo Commerce 2.3.10 or greater
  • PHP 5.5.22 or greater
  • CardConnect merchant account
  • CardConnect ID (provided by CardConnect)
  • Recommended, but not required: Secure your checkout page with a SSL (secure socket layer) certificate

Install the Woo Commerce Plugin

Note: The plugin may not appear in search results for the Woo Commerce Shop. It is included in the WordPress Plugins and in your Welcome Email.


Your hosting provider must open ports 6443, 8443 and 443. If the provider requires the IP addresses, give them the following: and 

  1. Download the Woo Commerce CardConnect Payment Gateway plugin from your Welcome Email or the WordPress Plugins page.
  2. Upload the plugin files to your plugins folder, or install using the built‐in WordPress Add New Plugin installer
  3. Activate the plugin.

Configure the Woo Commerce Plugin

  1. From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Woo Commerce > Settings > Checkout > CardConnect. 
  2. Complete the fields shown below.
Enable/Disable CardConnect PaymentsWhen checked, this displays CardConnect as a payment option during the Woo Commerce checkout process
TitleThis controls the title the user sees during checkout
DescriptionControls the description the user sees during checkout
Payment ModeCapture Payment: Authorizes and captures the payment upon submit
Authorize Only: Merchant must manually approve each transaction in the CardConnect dashboard
SandboxCheck this box to enable testing mode – real payments will not be taken
A CardConnect representative will provide you with Sandbox credentials when your merchant account configuration is complete
Merchant ID (MID), Username, Password and SiteYour CardConnect representative will provide these values for both Sandbox and Live
Card TypesSelect the card types to be allowed for transactions
Card types must match the cards defined in your Merchant Agreement
Saved CardsCheck this box during checkout to give customers the option of storing payment information on CardConnect’s secure serversUsers who are logged in will also be able to retrieve previously saved cards
Void on AVS FailureWhen checked, orders will be rejected if the customer’s Address and Zip do not pass CardConnect’s verification process
Void on CVV FailureWhen checked, orders will be rejected if the customer’s CVV2/CVC2/CID do not pass CardConnect’s verification process

Input, Authorization, Refunds and Subscriptions in Woo Commerce

Credit Card Input Screen 

Woo Commerce Payment Gateway Display During Checkout

CardConnect Authorization Code 

Upon successful authorization of an order, the “Woo Commerce Order Notes” will be updated with the CardConnect Authorization Code:  

Woo Commerce Orders


Refunds initiated in Woo Commerce will result in the order total amount being credited back to the client. The ”Order Notes” will be updated accordingly with the CardConnect approval code. 

Woo Commerce Order Notes


The Woo Commerce Subscriptions plugin provides merchants with the ability to offer products and services that require recurring payments. The Woo Commerce CardConnect Payment Gateway plugin supports this plugin. When a subscription product or service is purchased, the customer’s payment information is stored on CardConnect’s secure server, while recurring payments are automatically charged according to the frequency set for the subscription. All recurring subscription payments are recorded in the “Woo Commerce Order Notes”. 

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