CardPointe 1.34 Release Notes

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CardPointe release version 1.34 contains the following new features and updates:

CardConnect for Magento 2.0

CardConnect for Magento enables you to accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover payments in your Magento shopping cart. The plugin tokenizes sensitive data, safeguarding your customers from a data breach and removing the burden of PCI compliance.

You can learn more about the plugin by accessing the Marketplace in CardPointe.

Transaction Details Now Display PIN Debit Transactions 

Transactions made with debit cards now display as PIN Debit in the Payment Type field on the Transaction Details screen, as well as in CardPointe Reporting. 

Tokenization Source Now Captured for Transactions

A new field titled "Token Source" now displays on the Transaction Details screen and can be referenced to determine the payment device or method that was used for tokenizing a customer's card data for a given transaction.

In addition, you can now filter CardPointe reports by "Token Source":

New Payment Entry Method: Digital Wallet

Transactions made with digital wallet apps such as Apple Pay and Google Pay now display as "Digital Wallet" in the Entry Method field on the Transaction Details screen.