CardConnect offers various integration methods to its PCI Validated Point-to-point Encryption (P2PE) Solution. The PANpad application running on an ingenico device coupled with CardSecure allows for secure end-to-end encryption and tokenization. 

Merchants and partners who use this solution significantly reduce their PCI Scope while increasing their security. This solution ensures that data is encrypted upon read, rendering it useless to any malware that may be downstream. 

CardConnect manages all encryption keys - no merchant has access to encryption keys. We keep track of all devices in the CardConnect Terminal Management System (T.M.S.) that allows over-the-air updates, support/troubleshooting insight, and the ability to disable the device(s), if needed.

The PANpad application and the CardConnect Gateway have been EMV certified on First Data's RapidConnect platform and TSYS. No certification process is required on behalf of neither our partners nor our mutual merchants. CardConnect is actively underway for EMV, NFC, and PIN Debit certification on other various processing platforms. 

We've Got You Covered

Our solutions are used by many enterprise level POS Vendors with reach in fast-casual national chains, hospitals and medical offices, government/municipalities and much more. 

“CardConnect’s trusted security solutions integrate well with our smart terminals, making it easy for any business to implement a seamless, secure and reliable payment solution” said Rob Martin, Vice President of Security Solutions at Ingenico Group. 

The Bolt P2PE solution intends to streamline your integration with a simple REST API for secure encryption and tokenization through an IP-Based Terminal. If you need USB enabled devices, review our PANpad DLL integration guide. We also support certain pay-at-table devices through an integration with the Ingenico Retail Base App (RBA).

Device Integration Process

The device integration process is broken down into the following steps: 

  1. Integrate your application with the appropriate tool/API/SDK for your needs (see left pane).
  2. Using a device provided by CardConnect, test the communication between it (the device) and your application.
  3. Your app will need to retrieve pertinent data (card track data, EMV data, customer information, etc.) and submit it to CardConnect as either:

Supported Devices

Terminal DeviceSolution/Application
iSC Touch 250BOLT P2PE
IDTECH SREDkey & SecuRedPANpad, Mag-Stripe Data Integration
Magtek MagneSafe & iDynamo*

Mag-Stripe Data Integration


We want to hear from you! Whether its your first time in the integrated payments space or you're a seasoned vet looking to offer your merchants the best experience possible. The CardConnect Integrated Solutions team is available during normal business hours (9-5 EST). You can reach us by sending an email to isvintegrations@cardconnect.com

Send us a note, and one of our specialists will reach out to you with further details. Make sure to include the following in your message:

  • Your name & the ISV or merchant you represent
  • CardConnect Agent? 
    • If so, who?
  • What type of application do you have? 
    • e.g. Web Based,.NET 4.0
  • What device communication method do you want to support? 
    • e.g. Ethernet, USB, Bluetooth
  • What features are important to you?
    • e.g. P2PE, EMV, NFC, PIN Debit, custom images or prompts

Once you know which integration method fits your needs and devices, we recommend reviewing the resources here on this support site and developer.cardconnect.com

We understand you may have questions during this process, and we’re happy to answer them. Reach out to us anytime:

Phone(877) 828-0720 (option 1, option 3)