CardConnect offers a simple integration to MagTek devices (USB or Mobile) for use in third-party applications in which card data is retrieved from a supported magstripe reader then sent to CardConnect for authorization and/or tokenization.

Solution Features

Integrating with either MagTek or IDTECH MSR devices would be suitable if an application meets the following requirements:

Application Server
  • Web-Based or Distributed architecture
  • Must be able to read data input from device through either connection type
  • Offline processing capabilities
Terminal Device
  • Connection Types: 
    • USB
    • 30-pin
    • Lighting port
    • Auxiliary
  • Supported Hardware
    • IDTECH
      • SREDkey
      • SecuRed
    • MagTek
      • MagneSafe (USB)
      • iDynamo 4 (30-pin)
      • iDynamo 5 (Lightning)
      • uDynamo (Auxiliary)


Please visit the CardConnect MagTek Device Integration Guide for technical guidelines and details on the MagTek devices that are supported for integration. 

Device specific SDKs can be found on the MagTek Support site.