Making API Calls

To get started with the CardConnect API, you'll need to add authentication and account details to a configuration file in your client library by referring to the information below.

Once your configuration file is set up, you'll be ready to make calls against the CardConnect API.

Setting Up Your Gateway Test Parameters

Merchant ID (MID)
Platform identifier required to be included in API calls from your application to the CardConnect demo system.

Once your interface is live, you will be assigned a unique ID from the processor.

During development and testing, you can use this test merchant ID.
Test Site URL
The test site will be the target of your API calls and is available immediately as part of our on-going commitment to the CardConnect integration program. 

Note: Please be sure to submit transactions using ONLY test card data. The test environment and its data is visible by other merchants.
API Username & Password
API username and password, contained in a single string.

This string should be Base64 encoded and used as the authorization header of your request.

See the associated sample code for an example of how to embed the item into your code.

Confirming Your Test Transactions

CardConnect UI
Once you start sending authorization and settlement calls to CardConnect, you can use the CardConnect Admin credentials to log in and view details about the transactions.

The UI also allows you to authorize, void, capture, refund and search transactions.
Login Name
Username used to log into the CardConnect UI.
Password associated with the CardConnect UI username.