Welcome to CardConnect! 

Welcome, Business Track users! We'd like to formally introduce you to CardConnect, a First Data company. At this point, we know you probably have some questions about this new introduction to CardConnect and to our merchant portal, CardPointe and how you can be using it to help grow your business. Keep reading for more information about CardPointe and hopefully answers to a few questions you might have. 

Intro to CardPointe

Why are you being introduced to CardConnect and CardPointe? 

First Data has acquired us, CardConnect, to provide merchants with even better processing technology and solutions. During this acquisition, Ignite Payments, a First Data Company, has become CardConnect and as a result, First Data has adopted CardConnect’s processing portal, CardPointe. We understand that you're currently an Ignite/Business Track user, but we'd like to show you what CardPointe can do for managing your business’s transactions and PCI compliance. 

An Overview of the Platform

Who is CardConnect and what is CardPointe? 

CardConnect is a payments technology company that provides powerful processing solutions that keep payments simple, secure and reliable. CardPointe is CardConnect’s merchant payments portal that’s comprehensive and easy-to-use. It allows merchants to simply process credit card payments with the Virtual Terminal, access detailed reports, set up billing plans, manage PCI compliance (including the PCI Self Assessment Questionnaire) and much more.

Click below to learn more about some of our favorite CardPointe functions. 

*Please keep in mind, for some merchants, the CardPointe Virtual Terminal is not available at this time. Please reach out to your sales rep or contact CardConnect's Merchant Solutions team at 877.828.0720 if you have questions about your CardPointe account. 

If you'd like to see some of the CardPointe functions in action, keep scrolling for a more in-depth 10-minute CardPointe demo video below. 

In the coming weeks, we'll also be sharing with you more information about the full CardPointe product suite, including the retail/restaurant terminal, mobile device and hosted payment page. 

Updates to Your Account

Where will your monthly statements be coming from?

Beginning with your November 2017 statements, you monthly statements will now be sent to you from CardConnect. You can expect to receive these in early December. Included in your November statement, you will also find more information about your ability to access your new CardPointe account. 

Soon after receiving your statement, you can expect to also receive an email with instructions for registering your CardPointe account. 

How will you get access to CardPointe? 

You November 2017 statements will include more information about registering and activating your CardPointe account. As part of those instructions, you will be receiving an activation email that will prompt your registration. If you do not receive the registration email by December 22, 2017, please reach out to the CardConnect Merchant Solutions team at 877.828.0720

CardPointe can be accessed from both desktop and mobile applications. After you've registered your account, you can log in at cardpointe.com. You can also download the mobile app for free from the Apple and Google Play stores - just search for CardPointe! Once you've downloaded it, you will then login with the same credentials used for the desktop app. 

What about all your past transaction information? 

We've pulled over the processing of data for the last 12 months of your business, which is now accessible in your new CardPointe account. If you have questions about the data beyond that point, please reach out to your sales representative.

Will your sales rep change? 

No, you will be supported by the same sales representative (Ignite). He or she will simply be operating under the new CardConnect brand. You will, however, have a new support team at CardConnect, called the Merchant Solutions team. You can reach out to them directly at 877.828.0720

Get Support

How will you be trained on CardPointe? 

Your sales representative will be a great resource for learning how to use your new account with CardPointe. We've also provided a 10-minute demo below that will help you become better acquainted with logging into your account and accessing the features that will help you manage your payments. 

Where should you go for support? 

Your sales representative will serve as a great resource to help answer questions about this transition and how to use your CardPointe account. If you'd like to reach out to CardConnect directly, give our Merchant Solutions team a call at 877.828.0720.