Welcome! As a CardConnect partner, you have access to a suite of marketing materials designed to increase both current and new client acquisition. Below you will find a complete list of all marketing-approved collateral, our brand and partnership guidelines, and a request form for submitting custom marketing materials for review.

* Please note this is only for partners in our ISV Program. *

Landing Page

To ensure all leads are captured in a centralized location, we will assist with developing a landing page for your integrated payment solution. We can create a page to be hosted on the CardConnect website, or provide content and graphics for you to develop the page on your site. Simply reach out to your partner development manager to get started.

Sample Landing Page

Marketing Resources

You may use the resources below to promote the integrated payment solution to your customers, or use them to develop your own marketing materials.

Please Note: Whether you are using the assets below or creating your own, all materials must be submitted for approval prior to distribution using the Marketing Review Form below.

Email Templates

Our email campaigns are one of the best ways to educate your customers on the many benefits of our partnership. Simply click the link below to explore our collection of templates.

Email Templates

Expert Tip: Why limit yourself to one email? Take advantage of all of our templates to create a drip campaign that will increase your members conversion rates!

Sales Materials

Our collection of sales materials will allow you to highlight your omnichannel payment solution and all of the exciting features it brings to your member’s business.

Expert Tip: Exhibiting at a trade show? Our half-pager is a great marketing piece to bring with you, as it provides a simple, easy-to-digest overview of your payment solution.

Website Content

Driving inbound leads is key to growing your revenue with our partnership. Below you can find some best practices for your website or landing page that we’ve seen boost inbound leads!

Website placement: Your section on credit card processing should be easy to find, and ideally have its own page. This solution is an opportunity for a new revenue stream, and needs its own space!

CardConnect Logo: Including the CardConnect logo on the landing page is a great way to familiarize your users with our brand! This might seem small, but building trust is important as the relationship between CardConnect and the member matures.

Feature Callouts: Customize the page by highlighting the features that mean the most to your merchants. All of our partners are different, and all of your members want different things!

Social Media

Let's spread the word about our partnership! Use our social media images and content below to develop engaging posts that are focused on your payment solution.

Expert Tip: Be sure to submit all social posts for approval using the Marketing Review Form below. This will ensure that your posts are on our radar so we can interact with them!

Blog Posts

Our online resource center, LaunchPointe, houses a collection of informative articles related to our best-in-class payment solution and the payments space in general. Check them out using the category links below!

Expert Tip: In need of content for your next newsletter? Why not use one of our articles to highlight our partnership? Just remember to submit your post to CardConnect for approval using the Marketing Review Form below!

Press Release

Looking to issue a press release to officially announce our partnership? We can help! Simply reach out to your partner development manager for more information.

Educational Materials

We offer a variety of resources built to educate your members on popular payment topics like interchange optimization and PCI compliance.

Expert Tip: These materials are great to provide merchants if they have questions related to pricing types, payment security, and everything in between.

Banner Advertisements

Place our banner advertisements on your website to promote your payment solution, and be sure to link it to your landing page!

Expert Tip: Place the banner near the top of your website to ensure optimal performance.

Presentation Slides

Need presentation content to highlight your CardConnect payment solution? Simply download our fully designed slides below and infuse them into your deck!

Expert Tip: Hosting a webinar for your members? Our presentation slides make it easy to expand upon the specific features of your payment solution.


Our videos provide an interactive way to highlight specific features of your CardConnect payment solution. Check them out using the links below!

Expert Tip: Our resources are most effective when used together! Insert links to our videos in your social posts and emails to make them even more engaging. Just remember to submit all content to CardConnect for review prior to distributing.

Marketing Review Form

To submit marketing materials for CardConnect's review, please complete the easy-to-use form below. Once received, your asset(s) will be reviewed within 3-5 business days.

Brand + Partnership Guidelines

Our brand and partnership guidelines are valuable resources if you are developing materials of your own to promote your integrated payment solution. If you do choose to create custom marketing materials, they must be reviewed by CardConnect prior to distribution using the Marketing Review Form above.

Brand Guidelines

Partnership Guidelines (coming soon)

Can't find what you need?

If you are unable to locate the resource you need on this page or have any questions related to marketing support, please reach out to your dedicated partner development manager.

You may qualify for additional marketing support. To see if you are eligible for customized campaigns, please reach out to your dedicated account manager.