Welcome to BluePay, a CardConnect solution!

Have questions about a move from Authorize.net? We're here to help! Below you can find frequently asked questions and other content to help you better understand the move. 

What are the advantages of the this solution?

  • Easily Save Credit Card Information
    •  Your members can securely save their credit card information for future online transactions, saving them time and increasing the number of completed sales
    • Account Updater
      • User payment information is automatically updated to greatly reduce the number of authorization declines you see, saving you money and your customer's time.
    • Complete Transaction Transparency
      • Transactions can be managed with detailed reports for greater efficiency and cost savings.
    • No additional fees
      • You won’t end up paying any more for these additional features. In fact, in many cases you can save money. The average savings for NetFORUM Pro customers is 10-30%!
    • 24/7 streamlined support from your dedicated team
      • Do you find yourself asking if you should be calling your gateway provider or your payment processor? We combine the two, creating an easy support process that's always available!
    • Improved security 
      • With security features like point-to-point encryption and tokenization, your members will have peace of mind with each transaction.
    • Getting started is simple and easy
      • Signing up is easy with simple applications that mean you’re less than 48 hours away from being able to process payments.

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      Why are we making Authorize.net customers move to BluePay?

      Community Brands has been investing in improving the value of NetFORUM Pro for its users since inception. A key area of focus has been, and will continue to be, features and technology that directly affect our member and association experience, and payment processing affects both. That’s why we partnered with CardConnect to take advantage of the BluePay gateway. The BluePay gateway includes extra features like Account Updater, securely saved card numbers, and fraud protection that come at no additional cost to you!

        Can I continue using Authorize.net?

        Beginning January 1, 2019, new transactions will no longer be processed in NetFORUM Pro via the Authorize.net gateway.  NetFORUM Pro will have a team ready to assist anyone that runs into this issue, but the best approach is to make the switch before the January, 2019 cutoff date.

        Will my rates go up?

        We will meet or beat whatever rate you’re paying at the moment. All you’ll have to do is provide us with your Authorize.net statement and your merchant processing statement, and they guarantee you won’t pay a penny more. In fact, average savings for customers switching from Authorize.net to the BluePay gateway are between 10-30%.

        How long can I wait before making the switch?

        CardConnect offers a simple sign up process for making the switch, but we would suggest waiting no longer than December 20th to make the switch.

        I have a long-standing relationship with my bank will I have to change my bank?

        Not at all. Once your account is live, you’ll see funds in your bank after the first day of processing.

        How will I process credits and refunds if Auth.net is turned off?

        Auth.net will be available for refunds and credits through February 1, 2019, and Community Brands will cover any costs to keep Auth.net available for refunds and credits until that date.

        Where can a NetFORUM Pro user manually enter member’s credit card information?

        CardPointe will available to all NetFORUM Pro users, providing access to a Virtual Terminal that offers a secure way for users to input information that is instantly tokenized and securely stored.

        Can I use the BluePay gateway with PayPal on my website?

        Yes, you can continue to use PayPal Express for online payments. 

        Who is CardConnect?

        CardConnect, a First Data Company, is a leading provider of payment processing and technology solutions, helping more than 195,000 organizations accept billions of dollars in card transactions each year. The company’s platform includes CardPointe, a powerful reporting and transaction management tool, as well as the BluePay gateway, allowing you to access transactions directly through your existing NetFORUM Pro software.

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