Our PrinPay certificate is expiring on June 15th, 2018 along with the prinpay.com domain. If your integration uses these, you will need to update to the new CardConnect certificates. The PrinPay certificate will no longer be supported after June 15th, 2018. 

The <sitename>.cardconnect.com domain and cardconnect.com are not expiring and do not require action. 

What are certificates?

SSL Certificates are a fundamental component of the HTTPS protocol that support validation of website ownership, and encryption between client (e.g. browsers/programs) and web servers. Upon initial client connection to the server, the server issues the certificate chain to the client, which authenticates ownership and uses the certificates for encryption of all following communication.

What do I need to do?

Only specific terminals and products may be impacted by this certificate and domain. Refer to the Terminal and Product tables below to see if your integration may use the expiring certificate or domain. 

If your integration is using the expiring certificate, it will need to be replaced with the current CardConnect certificate below.


TerminalsImpactNext steps

NoneNone! These terminals do not use the PrinPay certificate or domain.  
CardPointe Terminal (Retail + Restaurant)YesClick here for details.


ProductImpactNext steps
Bolt API
NoneNone! The Bolt API does not use the PrinPay certificate or domain. 
Desktop and PanPadUpYesDesktop Tokenizer, PanPadUp, or Dynamic Link Library (DLL)
Web TokenizerYesWeb Tokenizer
iFrame TokenizerYesiFrame Tokenizer
CardSecure APIYesCardSecure API


CardPointe Terminals (Retail + Restaurant)

If you’re a CardPointe Terminal user, you will need to replace the PrinPay certificate with the CardConnect certificate. Simply perform the following steps on your CardPointe Terminal:

  1. Press [6] to make sure you've batched out your transactions for the day
  2. Press [.,#*]
  3. Press [4] for Maintenance
  4. Press [1] for Download
  5. Press [2] to begin the download
  6. Your terminal will automatically reboot and possibly print the status of the update
  7. When complete, your terminal will return to the CardPointe screen saver

Bolt Terminals

There is no impact as these terminals do not use the PrinPay certificate or domain.

PANpad Terminals

There is no impact as these terminals do not use the PrinPay certificate or domain.


Web Tokenizer

Ensure that the Web Tokenizer URL is <sitename>.cardconnect.com and does not reference prinpay.com.

iFrame Tokenizer

Ensure that the iFrame Tokenizer URL within the cs.ini file uses <sitename>.cardconnect.com and does not reference prinpay.com.

Desktop Tokenizer, PanPadUp, or Direct Link Library (DLL)

  1. Confirm that you have updated to the latest version that supports TLS 1.2.
  2. Ensure that the URL within your cs.ini uses cardconnect.com and not prinpay.com
  3. Ensure that the domain and certificate are trusted.

API Users

Bolt API 

There is no impact as the Bolt API does not use the PrinPay certificate or domain.

CardSecure API

Within your API, you will need to confirm that the CardSecure URL is <sitename>.cardconnect.com and the certificate uses the cardconnect.com version.

SAP or Oracle

For all Oracle and SAP systems, you will need to: 

  1. Ensure that all CardSecure and CardConnect URLs are <sitename>.cardconnect.com and do not reference prinpay.com
  2. Confirm that the certificate is the cardconnect.com version and not PrinPay.
  3. Test your UAT environment. Our UAT servers have been updated with the new versions of the certificate and domain.
    1. If your testing in UAT fails then contact ERPSupport@cardconnect.com. 
    2. If your UAT testing is successful then you are ready to make the changes in production. Successful UAT testing indicates that the certificate and domain used are valid.