SecureNet to CardPointe Migration Instructions 

SecureNet Decommission Deadline | May 15, 2019

The payments platform used by your business to process transactions, SecureNet, will soon be decommissioned and replaced. In preparation for the decommission deadline on May 15, 2019, we will be migrating your account to the CardPointe Gateway, CardConnect's simple and secure solution for processing and managing payments. 

If you are currently integrated to SecureNet via a SOAP or REST API, you will need to re-integrate to the CardPointe REST APIs.

We ask that you please follow the below instructions for migrating to the CardPointe platform.

What is the process to migrate to CardPointe?

  1. Leverage the UAT credentials and documentation below to complete your new integration
  2. Validate your transactions in UAT by logging into CardPointe UAT
  3. Confirm use of Customer Vault Data
  4. Complete CardPointe training
  5. Contact for production credentials
  6. Production validation
  7. Production cutover

CardConnect's Payment Processing Solutions

Card-Not-Present Transactions

Hosted iFrame Tokenizer

Our Hosted iFrame Tokenizer is used to create a PCI-compliant credit card entry field on a website or application. It's a simple way to securely capture and tokenize cardholder information. For more integration information, visit our Developer Center here.

CardPointe Gateway

Our API allows you to tokenize credit card data and other forms of personally identifiable information (PII), which minimizes the burden of PCI compliance and protects you and your business from the harmful impacts of a data breach. For more integration information, visitor our Developer Center here.

Card-Present Transactions

To speak to one of our representatives about card-present transactions and device options, please contact

Accessing CardConnect's UAT (Testing) Environment

Making API Calls

Merchant ID (MID)
Platform identifier required to be included in API calls from your application to the CardConnect demo system. Once your interface is live, you will be assigned a unique ID from the processor. During development and testing, you can use this test merchant ID.    
Test Site URL
The test site will be the target of your API calls and is available immediately as part of our on-going commitment to the CardConnect integration program. 

Note: Please be sure to submit transactions using ONLY test card data. The test environment and its data is visible by other merchants.

API Username & Password
API username and password, contained in a single string. This string should be Base64 encoded and used as the authorization header of your request. See the associated sample code for an example of how to embed the item into your code.    


Confirming Your Test Transactions

CardConnect UI
Once you start sending authorization and settlement calls to CardConnect, you can use the CardConnect Admin credentials to log in and view details about the transactions. The UI also allows you to authorize, void, capture, refund and search transactions.

Login Name
Username used to log into the CardConnect UI.


Password associated with the CardConnect UI username.


Test Cards for UAT Environment

Below are test cards and responses for the First Data North system. Any card with the correct prefix and length that passes the Luhn check will receive Approval, except for the cards specifically listed. When you attempt to submit transactions using the MID we provided you and one of the credit card numbers below, you will receive the corresponding response in the second column. 


(range: 4*, length: 16)

4387751111111038Do not honor
4387751111111046Card expired
4387751111111053Insufficient funds


(range: 51* through 55*, length: 16)

5442981111111031Do not honor
5442981111111049Card expired
5442981111111056Insufficient funds

American Express

(range: 34*, 37*, length: 15)



(range: 6011*, 622*, 644* through *65, length: 16)

6011000995511130Do not honor
6011000995511148Card expired
6011000995511155Insufficient funds


(range: 36*, length: 14)



(range: 35*, length: 16)


AVS (Zip Codes)

Below are test zip codes for the First Data North system. Any zip code provided other than these will return "Z" as an AVS response.

19406VisaY (Address + Zip Match)
19113VisaZ (Zip Matches, Address Does Not Match)
19111MasterCardA (Address Matches, Zip Does Not Match)
19112MasterCardN (Address + Zip Do Not Match)

CVV Numbers

112M (Match)
111N (No Match)
222 P (Not Processed)
333U (Unknown)

Contact Support

If you still have questions about the SecureNet decommission and CardPointe migration, please contact our support team at